About Us

A service experience tailored by a real carpet cleaning professional!

Back at my old apartment, my roommates and I dreaded driving to the store, putting the heavy rental machine onto our car seats, cleaning the carpet, driving back to the store, picking up the machine and returning it back to the store, and finally making it home. Nobody in the house liked going through that hassle. Because of that, we procrastinated on cleaning our carpets more than we should have.

Carpet Cleaner Dash was established in 2020 after carpet cleaner rentals closed during the pandemic. We decided to buy our own machine shortly after to save money and travel time. That’s when it clicked: There were more people that absolutely hated the process of renting a machine from the stores just to clean their carpets.

Armed with professional carpet cleaning experience, we’ve tailored this experience to fit the needs of everyday people with busy schedules who want to spend more time doing and less time with trivial tasks.